Cristina Prandoni Lighting - Press

Cristina Prandoni Lighting - Chester Jones Designer Endorsment

London - 13 Dec 2018

" Cristina Prandoni’s new range of wall lamps embody all that you expect in the best of Italian design flair. We may recognise the inspiration behind some of the fittings but she has fashioned these models into a range that is uniquely her own. We might detect the spirit of Joseph Hoffman in her red Grid Lamp or fine echoes of the bright machine turned surfaces in Bugatti dashboards, and the Miro-esque playfulness in her Constellation wall fitting, by this means she has translated some of the most memorable 20th century design features into serving her own ideas. We are shown that wall lamps can be more than utilitarian necessities, at their best they can lift the spirits and light the way to a more fulfilled life. "

Chester Jones - Designer